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BugJuggler concept: featured performance, monster truck event

BugJuggler concept: featured performance, monster truck event

Hey! Red Bull, Monster Trucks, Las Vegas Casinos: Draw a whole new crowd of fearless warrior techies to your events. Visualize the advertising and entertainment potential.*

BugJuggler LLC is seeking to partner with serious investors who share our vision for robotic entertainment. Can you see BugJuggler as part of your event, venue or brand identity? If the answer is yes, we want to collaborate with you!

We have already begun construction of a human-scale proof-of-concept single arm juggler. This prototype will be capable of tossing and catching 250lb (100kg) objects and will be controlled by an operator wearing a force feedback control sleeve. We are seeking immediate funds to purchase hydraulic components and complete the prototype. Investors will be welcome to come by and experience the force augmentation and haptic control interface for themselves at our facility in the SF Bay Area.

We estimate a construction budget of $2.3M for the full scale BugJuggler robot. Possible funding modes include private equity to one or more accredited investors, joint venture, commercial loan, revenue sharing. Interested parties can contact us for more information.

* This robot will perform either manually using a trained on-board juggler or autonomously using machine-vision control operated from a safe distance.

Bug Juggler's functions and ability to juggle automobiles and other large heavy objects are protected under USPTO Patent Pending law.


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